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Updated: May 1

There are many factors to why we are never contented such as the fact that we are so different from each other based on how we’ve experienced life, growing up in a different environment or how much we expose ourselves to the reality over our expectations. What we need or what we want is always changing through time. Some are longing for it while some are already comfortable with what they have and there are some who are still in the process of exploring what they really want to achieve in life. It is a dilemma that has always puzzled each one of us, whether or not we are truly happy and contented with our current life. We tend to assess ourselves with this question “Why look for more?” again and again and again or before we begin another year or it just hits us out of nowhere. Well, that's okay. Let's face it, we still long for the things we don't have or more than what we already have, or even more than what other people have accomplished. We still find that the vessels of our desire just never gets filled. Yes babe, it's an unending cycle that will drain your energy and will keep you away from shining as the real YOU.

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." - Oprah Winfrey

After traveling from one place to another, I had the chance to meet and hear a lot of amazing life stories from some interesting folks along the way. They taught me things that I would never find in school or even at home. As much as possible, I really try to engage myself with different types of people from different backgrounds and by doing so I was able to slowly discover and understand the way people live and see life. Before this discovery, I used to leave the house just to seek for new adventures, do some soul searching that I’m not so sure if I did it right and just spent my savings for temporary fun. But now it is so much more than that, I discovered myself and I found balance.

I’m a believer of “Ikigai”, it is a Japanese concept that encapsulates the importance of having a life purpose. Regardless of where it’s coming from, we all have the same feeling of deep joy and level of satisfaction everyday that can add years to our life if we find that purpose. It is our sense of purpose to touch other people’s lives and not everyone would understand it. However, to start dedicating your life to something more valuable than material things and not to mind what other people will think about us is something else. It doesn’t matter how small or big the impact will be but just by making a difference it will be worth it. The legacy you will leave is what we are talking about here; how you are going to live your life and make it meaningful, it doesn't mean to be grand like how you'll change the world or what but it why you’ll be remembered by the people when you're not around anymore.

Honestly, I was never a fan of working in a corporate world or how I'm obliged to get a college degree and be a slave of the society after. However, I see these things as a part of my learning process to reevaluate myself even more on what I really want to do that makes me feel satisfied. So what I did was to make a detour, find the right place for me and use all my resources to be part of something that I want to be in. I finished commerce major in Marketing and chose to use my expertise to excel in Hospitality Industry regardless of the position offered or the amount of salary because it was never my priority but to gain the knowledge and skills I know nothing about. So, I never complained even doing things that I hated before because I know the reason why I was there from the beginning; to gain experience how to manage and operate a resort/hotel, learn everything from the bottom and master it. I also got the chance to discover that I want to focus on digital marketing as my forte and from there I rediscover my passion on making art again and learn graphic design and website development on my spare time. It just never stop and realize that learning new everyday gives you reason to work harder for tomorrow. In other words, I found not just the "lost" self I was in before but had a clearer view of my calling and now I'm still growing and enjoying what I do and capable of doing even more in the future.

So here are some tips you can do from now on, stop comparing yourself from others and stop pleasing them. You're beautiful and unique in your own ways more than what you think of yourself. You deserve better and you don't need their approval. Try to be responsible when you're in the state of being curious about doing something new in your life. To have an ambition would be a good thing for you, just don't focus too much on material things but also learn how to pursue end goals. Goals that reflect one’s personal values are often feelings like wanting to be healthy, to inspire others and so on. The need for change, if it is for the better and for your growth then never get tired on challenging yourself even if you fail. Don't be carried away by your social influences but look beyond that bubble and think of what you can actually do to be the best version of yourself. Lastly, I dare you to bet on ACE (Affirm confidence, Express gratitude and Celebrate wins — even small wins).

You'll be fine and for sure it will be a great journey for you too! Just keep going.

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