Lifestyle Inflation

Updated: May 13, 2020

You have to ask yourself first, what really matters to you.

And what’s up with our stuck up mentality or attitude nowadays? Here’s a piece of advise, don’t let the society control you on what you have to do or buy just because the majority have it and you still don’t. If you really care so much about what other people will say about your physical appearance or material things you own and still keep on provoking you to upgrade. Then, take this time to make a detour and make a decision after because you might have a different feeling that it's not even worth of your time and money.

Always remember that, "you’re more than to what the society dictates you to be."

Here are some common knowledge to consider: A lot of capitalist will do everything just to make YOU buy their product that you MUST upgrade to have a better quality of life and the more income we have, the more we must spend. So, we end up having a difficult time to save and invest it instead. To let yourself focus on material things that will might make you look good or feel better for some time, I wonder until when? When will you stop chasing some things that are temporary, unnecessary and might be the cause why other people died in other countries for its production. Also, if you simply can’t afford it and made you feel stressful for paying more,it will just make the upgrade unenjoyable. If you think about it, it’s ridiculous.

You are supposed to enjoy nice things and not suffer paying for them. We always crave for newer and shinier things, so we ended up buying it until we get sick of them and buy more expensive ones. It never ends until your money will run out. Why not simply start with being mindful on buying what you need from what you want, instead of prioritizing our own ego? Of course, being happy with less also has some other very REAL benefits: 

  1. Your savings can last you a lot longer if you decide to retire, because you don’t spend a lot. 

  2. Environmentally friendly because you consume less.

  3. Your house is clutter-free and less stressful place to live in.

  4. You stop chasing trends set by others and start focusing on your own needs.

So, if you’re struggling and worried that you don’t have enough money today. The first thing you should do is see where you can downgrade. Here are some examples to consider. 

  1. Downgrade your house. Have you heard of being minimalist? You can check out the book entitled, "The Minimalists" by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. They also have the their own podcast sharing what it means to live a good life, and different philosophies for living and many more interesting topics.

  2. You could have a more meaningful but budgeted travel plans. 

  3. No shame on moving to a more affordable country/city if you can’t afford living an expensive one. Instead of struggling to make ends meet, your quality of life might actually improve. 

As yo can see, we live in a society that prides itself on the accumulation of stuff; we eat up consumerism, material possessions, clutter, debt, distractions and noise. So you better think twice from now on. Let's all live a more meaningful life and not waste our resources!

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