Lost in Translation

Updated: May 1

'' There are things that you actually understand but you don’t know how to explain it at all. Thoughts that you believe it’s the truth but never even cross your mind before. Or feelings that seems so familiar but never experience it first hand.''

I wonder how we got here.

It could be our desire to find answers for the unknown or it could be the things that we already experienced in our past life. But don’t you think that it’s kinda weird to get excited over the things that can cause others extreme pain from great loss or misfortunes? Why we still love the idea of “happy endings” despite all the damaged we made or experienced in the past? Why we think that there could be a reason for everything even if we had these bad moments trying to destroy us over and over again.

It is “hope” that we want all along, it gives us courage to accept our mistakes, give ourselves a second chance to be better and grow as individuals by not giving up. It is just so beautiful to see how others can change so much within seconds after the longest time they were lost because they have nothing left but to fight for what they believed in and for their own happiness. They chose to live after all the sacrifices they did for someone else.

The taste of having your freedom back after you invested so much to the point of losing yourself. I wonder where that courage came from, for someone who have any slight of hesitation to just give everything up after being heartbroken. How they can be so selfless again and be able to love like nothing happened. Is it a curse or a scam to begin with?

To love and be loved is a great thing to experience whatever the outcome is. We shouldn’t regret it because you’ll never be the person you are today if not because of the people who hurt you badly. Sometimes, I just find it funny how other culture made it so easy though, how they deal the situation in a way that it seems like a greeting for them but for others it’s already the end of the world. How we can be stuck or feel miserable on the things that is not even part of our future.

I also understand the feeling of why we should’ve known it beforehand but we’re just too scared to see the truth and fear just make us stupid. However, regret is just a waste of time, they’re just the past crippling you in the present. Life is not perfect especially if you started to set some expectations and failed you in the end, it doesn’t mean that you’ll stop living a good life because of it. Life is just teaching us that we have other options for ourselves and how we'll live it still depends on us.

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