Random Wave

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

You're someone like a wave to me.

I saw a good swell coming and grab it without hesitation.

Gotta get my first ride that made me feel free.

It went smoothly and left unknown sensation.

It wasn't enough and tried for another one.

I'm still scared but still tried to catch you again.

Surprisingly, ended up for the second to fifth round.

The longer it took, the more I had doubts if I can sustain.

Like a wave you are seasonal.

I came back but you are not the same wave I used to ride.

It was a stormy day, you're lost and irrational.

I still go and jump even t'was high tide.

Like a wave you let others ride you.

So I think, maybe it wasn't for me.

But it didn't stop me and just decided to lay low.

How come you don't feel or see?

Like a wave you left me alone and crashed on the shore.

You disappeared and turned into bubbles.

Until the sand absorbed you that left me unsure.

Now you're gone and made some troubles.

I looked back and asked, what I did wrong?

I found out, like the others you're not just the right wave.

And nature telling me that I'm strong.

You're just another wave that I'm trying to save.

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