Stereotypes on Addiction

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

"Its a collective idea that you won't realize when you're sober or when you're at your best self all the time."

Are you one of those people who just love to drink or just smoke up because of the great company and deep conversations that actually has substance? Rather than talking about other people behind their back and can be so pretentious and judgmental who would sometimes say "Dude, you're an alcoholic or are you even into drugs? Do you even still think about planning your future?"

“It's a phase. Everyone goes through with life's confusion and sometimes those people will look for someone who can REALLY understand them. Most of them have a bigger heart and bigger mind than anyone else if you just know how to LISTEN. ”

Even if it is true or not it still sounds so off because let's face it people can be lost sometimes and get themselves involved with some real sh*t. I'm talking about addictions such as alcohol, inhalants, opioids, cocaine, nicotine and even addictive behaviors such as gambling. People lead to this extent because aside from it's genetic predisposition, most of them can't get through with some psychological problems like stress, being highly impulsive or sensation seeker, depression, anxiety, eating disorders,exposure to physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or trauma. It can be an addiction in the family or among peers and exposure to popular culture references that also encourage substance use.


Most people are afraid to face these kind of conversations because even they don't know how to react when they're put in such situation. The fact is everyone has their own addiction but they just don't realize it; Or even worst, how other people can be so ashamed to someone related to them by blood and end up trying to hide them from everyone else, pretending they don't know them or it's like nothing happened at all.

"Not everyone can deal with what they don't like or understand in a positive way. Some people are going to still judge you. Sometimes it's someone you really love and being rejected by them is incredibly painful that makes you even feel lost." All because we are too scared about what other people might say something about us instead of helping these people to recover or the fact that it can also trigger us to face our own problems. We are too scared that it might reflect and destroy the reputation of our family that sometimes, we don't even think that these people are suffering emotionally. The fact that they couldn't even express with their own family because their life issues rooted from all the negativity inside their home. So, they feel stagnant and chose to escape by relying on these vices and what they call friends.

As a family member you should be more understanding to them and be more open minded about these things, as a friend or a lover you should encourage them how to be positive in life and as a stranger you can give hope because compared to someone special to them you can actually be so direct or be realistic about life since you don't really know their entire past. We have a specific role in this life that require us to just listen and it's really up to us how to act on it or chose to avoid it at all. By avoiding it, means that you're not ready to be involved but at least try because...

" Some of life's greatest wisdom comes from observing the lives of very lost people. " ― Shannon Alder

You know what's funny but scary sometimes is when you actually met people who gone through sh*t and legit stereotyping. Those people has their own identity now, they don't give a sh*t anymore to what might other people say to them even their family because they experienced worst. They're stronger now because they let themselves seek for an answer and found something greater. They're the risk takers who knows how to appreciate life in a more positive way and see things in a different perspective. You won't ask but most of them now became successful in a way that they created a huge impact to the world because they don't let other people dictate their lives anymore.

They make their own rules and they decide how to live with it.

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