Breaking the Rvles 101

1. Make your own "Bakit" List

The term "bakit" is a Filipino word that means "WHY". The idea is to list down all the sh*t that has happened to you especially those that you were not supposed to do but you did anyway. It's the unforgettable experiences you've had in your entire life. That's right, it is the opposite of having the usual bucket list where you just follow a certain checklist of the things you want to accomplish in life such as traveling across the world, going to the craziest parties, earn your first million before 20, own a huge house and expensive cars and so on. Here, if you want to be more interesting, less boring and you don't want to feel pressured and feel limited of what you can possibly do with your life. Then, TRY this! I personally did my own list because it is where I was able to accept, understand and appreciate myself even more.

“I personally did my own list because it is where I was able to accept, understand and appreciate myself even more. ”

Don't be afraid to look back because that's what makes you stronger, more than you know. You just have to be extra grateful for all the things that happened in your life whether it is good or bad because it will be a huge part to the kind of person you want in the future.

2. Learn how to let go.

Creating your first "bakit" list will actually help you to move on because you can use your past in your advantage to be better today. It's all about making choices and when you actually do it, you'll be surprised. Don't be shy or scared to be honest with yourself because we all know that we have our own story to tell about the painful experiences in our lives and that's what make us humans. Sometimes, we don't know that these are powerful factors to help not just ourselves but also to be able to inspire other people. It's just a matter of forgiving, embracing, accepting and understanding that you can commit mistakes but it doesn't mean it will define who you really are. Think about this, have you imagined how nice it would be to live your life without regrets? Start being appreciative from now on, your self needs YOU. Let's not carry any resentment and start to let go, I know it will take time and it will be hard but life is too short to focus on negativity. We deserve to see the beauty of what life can give us and do things that will make us feel alive. Always trust the process, you'll be fine.

3. Don't give a f*ck about what other people think of you.

It is important to know yourself and find your own identity first or else you'll end up trying to please other people. Most especially your family because you still don't know what you want to do in your life. You'll become a slave of social media and you will continually feel lost. Learn how to invest in yourself by creating more genuine experiences with your real friends. Learn how to do things alone or just take time to read books. Trust me, this will be a hard one to get your head around, but once you do, it’s life changing. Let's be open that people will always have opinions, no matter what you do but also remember that the ones who critique are the ones who are unhappy. "A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep". You don't have time for that, holding yourself back and not chasing the life that you want. To be honest, I’d rather be the person who works toward her goals rather than the one who sits, waiting for someone to fail and put other people down.

4. Find some inspiration.

You should give yourself time to think more about searching for the things that could actually make you feel satisfied and look for a place where you can express yourself freely. Also, one of the first things you should consider when you meet new people are the things that influence their view of the world. If you want to be an entrepreneur and start your own business, then start reading books related to what you want, watch videos that can help you improve your skills and talk to people who share the same passion as you. They will encourage you to succeed. Your subconscious listens to everything that you tell it; decide what you want to be true for yourself.

5. Take pride in everything you do.

First, take action in spite of fear, rather than waiting for it to go away and regret it later. When you are living an exciting life, there will always be an element of fear involved as you have new experiences. However, you still have to do the first move because no one will. Learn how to do your work not only with attention to detail but also with the goal of mastering it. To strive to be the best at your work will help you to see your own potential and what you can do to give back. There are times when things were not only made by hand but also made to last and it inspired a lot of people, some went through generations to generations and I know you can be one of them.

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